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Meeting an ever-growing demand for modern Japanese cuisine, KaiZen will specialize in healthy, simple dishes made from fresh organic produce and meats provided by local area farmers.

All dishes are designed to be a counterpoint to KaiZen's extensive selection of premium artisan hot and cold sakes.

Pricing is moderate to compete with other well-known, high-end Japanese restaurants. Lunch specials will range from $10-20, while dinner entrees will be in the $15 - $25 range.

Unlike many restaurants KaiZen will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as late-night snacks for the "downtown lounge crowd" taking full advantage of an underserved market.

In addition to traditional Japanese fare -- sushi, sashimi, teriyaki dishes, and tempura -- KaiZen will offer hand-crafted organic bakery products (including traditional rice crackers freshly baked in a small automated oven), hand-crafted tofu dishes (including desserts) and "fusion dishes" that combine flavors and techniques from a global palette.