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Elements of pure design; raw stone, metal, wood, organic foods, water and air.

The KaiZen philosophy is based on one simple principal; creating elegant and beautiful environments and foods from pure raw materials.

The KaiZen kitchen is run as a factory, producing and packaging fresh and organic tofu, senbei (rice crackers) and bakery goods 24/7.

The KaiZen kitchen operates in three shifts, running in different modes based on the time of day, clientele and location:

- Kitchen window counter serves snack food, bento boxes and other to-go foods.
- Bar offers fresh senbei, kaiseki snack food, artisan sake and soju cocktails.
- Main dining areas offer the entire menu overlooking a central garden.
- Private Tatami rooms offer the entire menu overlooking a private garden.



Grid pattern gates with shrubbery.

Rough stone footings with smooth plaster walls.

Stark cement spaces divided by Serra-like walls made of steel plate lined on one side with wood, cork, silk, paper or bamboo veneer.

Private tatami rooms looking out on small private gardens.

Raw stone basins with bamboo details

Rough hewn stone steps in shallow ponds with Lotus flowers

Rough cement floor with natural stone accents

Raw Dirt Walls with Smooth Plaster Lines

Classical paintings on raw wood panels

Classic shelving repurposed for cocktail and service bars.

Fire pit for tradition tea ceremony.



Traditional Japanese breakfast

Elegant and delicious Kaiseki cuisine

Assorted pickes for cooking and snacking

Window counter provides full access

Fresh baked senbei in assorted flavors

Assorted luxurious curries to-go with rice or noodles

Gourmet bento box lunches and dinners

Artisan Sake and Soju selction



° In the morning hours, from the sidewalk-counter the kitchen offers fresh baked and steamed breakfast foods to-go; sweet and savory buns, breads and pastries as well as sweet and savory egg and tofu custards. Fresh organic gourmet soymilk concoctions are available with coffee, tea and spices.

Upstairs in the private tatami rooms, breakfast meetings are catered with much of the same to-go foods are served in addition to "traditional Japanese breakfast" offerings such as broiled fish, pickled vegetables and miso soup with steamed rice.

° After the breakfast rush, the kitchen moves into lunch preparation mode. Preparing bento boxes to-go with broiled and steamed fish, sushi rolls, vegetables, pickles and rice. Homemade tofu and chowamushi stay fresh in steamers, and sandwiches are made to order. Assorted curries with fish and meat are served hot and fresh over steamed rice or noodles.

The main dining and tatami rooms serve all the above in addition to more formal Kaiseki cuisine as well as yakitori, sushi, sashimi and tempura. Fresh baked sweets, kantan jellies and organic soft-serve green tea sundaes satisfy the healthy sweet tooth.

° After lunch the kitchen prepares for the "happy hour" crowd with assorted fresh baked senbei (rice crackers) and pickled bar snacks to accompany pitchers of fresh beer on tap and home-made specialty cocktails with sake and soju.

Prepared meals to go are sold "family style" by the quart; assorted yakitori, curries, fresh tofu dishes, miso soup and desserts satisfy the entire family.

° The dinner crowd moves in after 7:00pm and runs until 10:00pm.

° The after-dinner crowd moves in at 10:00pm for drinks, snacks and dessert and stays until 2:00am.

° After-hours the kitchen moves into factory production and packaging mode, manufacturing fresh assorted tofu, kantan, sweet and savory bakery products as well as assorted gift-wrapped rice crackers.

KaiZen, always in action, always moving forward.

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